Life Ain't No Fairytale, Bitch.

Melody Lai (黎卓儀) - 19 years old - Leeds (United Kingdom) Kowloon/Sai Kung (Hong Kong) - British Born Chinese.
Broadcast Media and Technologies Student - Professional procrastinator - Sucker for mystery.
Lover of green tea, blue eyes, and travelling.
Twitter: @missmelodylai | Instagram: @realitykillsinnocence | Nail Art Instagram: @missmelodylai


Im so pissed off! just had to present in class and someone has so blatantly obvious taken my idea and adapted as their own after hearing me tell my idea, the thing is she hasn’t even hidden the fact she’s copied, she actually said twice in her presentation “it’s similar to melody’s…” yes its similar because YOU’VE BEEN SO FUCKING DUMB TO NOT COME UP WITH YOUR OWN IDEAS AND HAVEN’T DONE THE WORK GIVEN TO YOU WEEKS AGO!!! I don’t work my arse off just to have some lazy fucker steal MY idea!